How Do I Use The Cheese Cube? What Are The Benefits?

The cheese cube comes fully assembled, and equipped with a cute mouse.  Holding the cube in your hand squeeze the sides of the cube, being sure not to cover the opening at the top where the mouse comes out. Squeeze as many times as you like as quickly or slowly as is pleasing to you.  Adults and children find the feel and sound of the cheese cube to be soothing, while the mouse that pops out provides a whimsical visual sensation, stimulating all 3 of the most important senses. Do not try to eat the cheese cube it is not edible, and it tastes like rubber.

How Do I Use The Punching Bag? What Are The Benefits?

When you're feeling frustrated with any aspect of your life (job, personal relationships, health, etc.) just focus on the thing that is making you angry.  Visualize the object of your frustration on the round red part of the punching bag.  Now make a fist. Punch the bag. Repeat as needed until you feel the anger flowing out of you.  You'll note this is a much healthier and safer outlet than actually punching the person who is causing you stress.

How Do I Assemble The Punching Bag? 

It's super easy, requires no tools, and takes less than 5 minutes.  Just screw the spring into the bottom of the bag using your hand. Then screw the other side of the spring into the suction cup base.  Pull out the handle of the included air pump.  Pull out the pump tip from the handle and screw it into the pump.  Insert the pump tip into the bag and pump it full of air.  Somewhere between 40-60 pumps should do the trick. Be careful when going past 60 pumps not to overinflate the bag. To deflate the bag, reinsert the pump tip into the top of the bag, being sure to unscrew it from the pump, and let the air out.  You can now squeeze the bag to release the air faster. 

How Do I Install The Punching Bag? 

Grip the area of the spring where it attaches to the suction cup and firmly press the cup against a flat surface in order to achieve a strong vacuum seal. Our punching bag uses an ultra strong suction cup and can achieve a strong seal on both vertical or horizontal surfaces.  Be sure the surface you are attaching the pump to is flat, this will make the seal as strong as possible.  The top of your desk or the wall in your room are excellent surfaces to attach the bag to. If you want to move the bag it is very simple, just grip the part of the spring where it attaches to the suction cup and pull directly away from the flat surface that the bag is stuck to.