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Stress Relief Desktop Punching Bag

Stress Relief Desktop Punching Bag

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Take out your frustration on this desktop punching bag instead of your boss or coworkers.  Girlfriend busting your balls? Punch this instead. Boyfriend left the toilet seat up? Punch this instead.  Neighbor blasting the music too loud? Punch this instead. 

Letting your rage get the better of you is not a good idea.  You could accidentally punch a monitor at home or at work, with catastrophic consequences.  You could have to pay for a new monitor or medical bills for your cut hand.  Even worse you could lose your job or romantic partner if your boss or girlfriend finds out you bashed a monitor in a fit of rage.  Without this bag, you're just one outburst away from a very scary life event!

Punch the stress away with this portable desktop punching bag.  Perfect for your desk at work or home.  Equipped with a super strong suction cup, you can attach this bag to just about any surface. 

Includes an air pump to inflate the bag. 

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